As you might guess, we have implemented new social distancing guidelines that will help keep riders safe during our "Fundraiser Practice Sessions". Those are listed below.


  • No spectators, photographers, and/or trainers allowed.  Riders under 18 may have a single parent/guardian (1) with them.

  • All attendees must wear face protection during attendance when not wearing a helmet.

  • Attendees must park vehicles at least 10 feet apart and maintain at least 6 feet between each other at all times inside the park.

  • Maximum number of attendees is 75 at any given time, minimum is 40 riders on any given semi-private practice day.

  • No events or group activities allowed.

  • All bleachers and seating areas are closed.

  • No high-risk persons allowed (as determined by health department).

  • Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms is not allowed.

Thank you for your support and cooperation during this most difficult time.  We look forward to seeing back out at the track soon!

​Questions? Please contact Jim Wood ​@ (909) 936-1766
​or email him at

For printable copy of these requirement, please click here.


Social Distancing Requirements

(as mandated by the county)