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SCFTA - Perris Raceway - February 13th - Season Opener!
Top National Numbers will be out....a long with with some super x-champs.... Braaap!

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Kayl Kolkman Slide Style

Kayl Kolkman throwing down some beauties!

Posted by Thunder MultiMedia on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Great Day for an Awards Ceremony
January 30, 2016
SCFTA 2015 Season in the History Books!

Thanks EVERYONE for attending our 2015 Championship Series Awards Ceremony.  It was a great day and each of your presences there made it complete.

Together, we have made Flat Track what it is today in So Cal and we at SCFTA are proud to have brought flat track back this region as well.  You are an amazing bunch of people.

See you on our Opening Round Feb 13, 2016.  Click here to let us know you are coming...

Donna, Freddie, Vince & the SCFTA Crew!

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We are pleased to announce that MAVTV will be at the track Saturday,
November 14th filming SCFTA's round 11 for their
premier motorsport program,
"Lucas Oil On the Edge"

Lucas Oil...On the Edge is an edgy, exciting show that exposes viewers to a plethora of motorsports that do not usually have a chance to air on national television. With events ranging from Motorcycle Flat Track racing and Midget racing to Swamp Buggy Racing and Team Demolition Derby, the show's popularity, success and ratings have continued to grow since its inception. Go deep inside to the true grassroots struggles for racing superiority. It’s all about the passion for the sport and the glory of taking your automobile past its limits.

Point Standing Now Posted

"In Memory of Jethro Halbert"

"In Memory of Jethro Halbert"SCFTA @ Perris Raceway - 08/15/15 3:15pmwww.SCFTARacing.com

Posted by Southern California Flat Track Association on Saturday, August 15, 2015

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